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ZETTA answers the information challenge call

The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from your competitors is to do an outstanding job with information. Nowadays companies understand that how you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.   Says Zetta’s Managing Director Marc Scheepbouwer: “Organisations need to achieve profitability and growth in an increasingly constrained environment. Once operational efficiencies become exhausted, they are being forced to turn to information as a valuable asset driving insight and competitive advantage.”

But when it comes to information, the various lines of business (such as finance, human resource, sales, and operations) have different requirements and experience different challenges when it comes to such things as the quality of data or regulatory compliance. The last thing an organisation wants in this environment is another technology product that needs to be integrated into the business.  Business users want actionable insights.

“The buzzwords keep growing, but in the end you have to be able to understand how to make the best use of advances in Big Data, Master Data Management, BI visualisation etc. for your business.  Zetta understands these challenges as well as the various technology sets and offers a tailored roadmap based on the specific client needs - prioritising what needs to be done and leveraging existing investments while striving towards a positive end state,” says Scheepbouwer.

This means that Zetta is often the bridge between IT and business using an engagement model that has been designed to stay close to the client, as it helps to navigate through the numerous challenges of utilising existing information assets or incorporating new best of breed systems.

“True to our name, we start with the business end in mind, from Z to A. At Zetta, we keep in mind that despite the exponential proliferation of information, an organisation still has to achieve business deliverables. Information has become the oil of the modern age and organisations who have the capacity to take on and use it will be the ones to grab market share,” he says.

Today, information has proliferated to the point that organisations need to relook the information model. People are more connected and want to be empowered through information. The old mentality of putting information in the hands of an elite few has to change if organisations want to survive.

“Our mission is to unlock the value of information. Companies need to be ready to cycle information quicker than before. The Zetta model is not technology-focused, but one that puts the client first. We advise companies on information dependency areas of the business,” he says.

Scheepbouwer says that irrespective of industry, the power of having real-time information available and the ability to extract meaningful intelligence from that are critical elements to success.

“Zetta wants to help organisations make better business decisions and be more pro-active. They need to get a unified view of what is happening in the company. We embark on a trusted journey with our customers.  We sell through experience and believe in the 10 000 hours plus rule. Clients appreciate working with our experienced consultants.  Zetta is about creating business impact.” Scheepbouwer concludes.

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Part of the iSPartners group of companies, Zetta was founded in 2012 and is making a measurable business impact for its clients by simplifying their information management challenges.  Specific focus areas include Enterprise Information Management incorporating Big Data, Master Data Management, Information Architecture and Business Solutions Systems that starts with the business end in mind.