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Businesses are challenged to achieve profitability and growth in a constrained global economy.
If understood, harvesting exponentially growing information sources represents an exciting avenue in seeking insight and competitive advantage.

Zetta™ Advisory Services, works with our clients in building executable strategies, ensuring they meet the information demands of tomorrow, today.

Zetta™ assists clients in dealing with the above challenges by offering two main types of advisory services. 

  • Zetta™ Business Advisory
  • Zetta™ Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Advisory

In both cases, we offer tailored strategies, roadmaps based on our client’s individual industry, objectives and maturity levels.

Our rich appreciation of Information disciplines and technologies ensures these strategies are executable into impactful Business Solutions.


Business Advisory
Business Advisory

Zetta™ Business Advisory Services helps organisations understand the strategic and business impact of Information. 

This approach ensures that the value of information is understood in the context of other organisational structures. Our clients get a true appreciation of the value of information as compared to other better understood assets.  Once understood, information can be used as a tangible asset in answering the following key questions:

  • Strategic: How does information enable strategy execution?
  • Line of business: How do we support the requirements of Finance, HR, Sales, Operations to execute?
  • Big data: Where and when will the organisation be ready for higher volumes, velocity and variety of data?

In dealing with these questions Zetta™ Business Advisory offers service disciplines around Strategy, Finance, Marketing, HR, Sales and Operations.

Amidst global uncertainty, Executives, Shareholders and Regulators alike are demanding predictable execution of strategy.

Finance are typically the performance custodians of any organisation and key to monitoring the execution of strategy.

In the world of marketing more information than ever before needs to be considered in understanding consumer behaviour and building effective campaigns.

HR (Human Resources) leaders are under increasing pressure to consistently measure and communicate the impact of their HR programs. HR has taken on renewed importance as organisations strive to hire, develop and retain the best employees to remain competitive in fields where efficiency and human expertise can make the difference.

Sales is the beachhead of any organisation and pivotal in achieving growth and competitive gains.

enterprise information management

In a modern world, businesses need to take advantage of the exponential growth of data and information in driving competitive advantage.

Starting with the business end in mind, Z to A, we strive to achieve a visible business impact for our clients by simplifying their information challenge.

Information has become the primary enabler for business/strategy execution.

Zetta™ Advisory Services uses best practice and helps our clients build Information Strategies that deal with current requirements, whilst facilitating a transition towards an improved future state.

Our engagement model seeks to overcome traditional IT-related barriers to managing information on an enterprise level. Zetta™ seeks to build efficient and agile data and information management operations with capabilities for information creation, capture, distribution and consumption. The goal is to provide and preserve information as a business asset that remains secure, easily accessible, meaningful, accurate and timely.

Enterprise Information Management takes managing information one step further, approaching Information Management from an enterprise perspective, rather than in silos. It approaches the management of information from the perspective of Enterprise Information Management Strategy, based on the needs of information workers.

Zetta™ Advisory Services for EIM is based on best practice consultative methods in order to improve the following key disciplines for our clients

  • Strategy Execution
    Ensuring that information is properly understood in the context of strategy. Once understood, Information can be used as a strategic asset, driving competitive advantage. Zetta™ Advisory Services translates Business Strategy into customised Information Blueprints and Roadmaps. These in turn help drive the value of information through the organisation. 
  • Business Impact
    Leverage forces impacting the way we work, such as globalisation, social decision making, and the "consumerisation" of information. To create exceptional experiences for customers, users and partners, Zetta™ Advisory Services takes a realistic view of the current situation and what should be in place to create the optimal business impact.
  • Business Insight
    Manage the growing volumes of information across all formats and channels for optimised strategic analysis and decision-making. Enterprise Information Management Strategy will assist in driving enterprise-wide information structures to ensure that accurate information is circulated in the organisation. This strategy will also facilitate the re-use of information by all departments and applications.
  • Process Velocity
    Integrate existing information, processes and applications for increased process velocity, efficiency and agility.
  • Information Governance
    Enforce information governance policies and ensure compliance. Zetta™ Advisory Services can combine a portfolio of solutions that enable an organisation to trust the credibility and consistency of their data and information to inform critical business decisions.
  • Information Security
    Protect valuable enterprise information from outside intruders and inside leaks. The proliferation of data access and management reports through trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) causes organisations to take a new approach to sharing and controlling access to sensitive company information.