Sales are pivotal in any organisation in pushing forward growth and competitive gains.

Zetta™ Advisory Services appreciates the discipline of selling and helps our clients in building strategies to effectively measure and manage sales people and processes.

Zetta™ Advisory Services for Sales is based on best practice consultative methods in order to ensure the following improvements

  • Employ best practise Sales Methodologies to ensure consistent discipline and process
  • Develop a deeper understanding of customer needs, anticipate trends before your competition and market the right product to the correct customer
  • Expand your Sales analysis beyond just the data you have access to. Explore social data and enterprise customer data residing in other departments
  • Bring mobility into your Sales toolset
  • Prioritise sales activities instantaneously
  • Effectively manage customer margins and product portfolios
  • Limit inconsistencies with pricing and configuration

Take Sales beyond “Hit and Miss” to predictable execution and closure.