Technology Enablement
Technology Enablement

The digital explosion has forced organisations to re-evaluate technology platforms and how they cope with integrating, processing, storing and provisioning information.

Zetta™ Advisory Services guides our clients through this process, allowing them to best leverage current investments whilst considering the impact of the latest innovations in Information Management.

Big Data
Big Data

In a world where the windows of opportunity are narrowing and competition is increasing, businesses are demanding more data, more frequently.

Big Data deals with the dramatic increase in Volume, Velocity and Variety of data businesses have to deal with.

The world reached 1 Zettabyte (a Trillion Megabytes) of data in 2010 and is predicted to reach 35 Zettabytes by 2020.

Trillions of pieces of information are being collected, stored and analysed almost daily with increasing speed. YouTube videos, Facebook posts, credit card transactions, store inventory, your last grocery purchase, etc.

Is Data the new Oil?

The answer lies in business answering some fundamental questions

  • How do I identify and prioritise the big data initiatives most important to my business?
  • How do I achieve maximum business impact, whilst ensuring minimum disruption?
  • How will Big Data affect my current strategies, architectures and technology platforms?

At Zetta™, we help our clients answer these questions and embrace Big Data to meet the information demands of tomorrow, today. We do this through our advisory service, ensuring Big Data strategies are executable and achieve the desired business impact – Simplifying the Information Challenge.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) transforms raw data into meaningful, understandable business language and insights.

BI traditionally empowers decision makers with information, enabling insight and execution. BI offers the means to unlock the true value of information across the enterprise.

Zetta™ Advisory Services assists our clients to seize the BI opportunity and as a result answer some fundamental questions such as:

  • What is the current take-up of information and is our business exploiting the information opportunity? 
  • Is information being delivered to the right people, on time and in an understandable way?
  • Is there one version of the truth?
  • Who else can benefit from access to the information?
  • How does Big Data affect my BI strategies, architectures and technology platforms?

The last few years has seen the emergence of new BI technology paradigms, allowing business to more easily interact with their data and accelerating time to insight. These technologies have an important role to play in maintaining business excitement and interest in information.

Zetta™ Advisory Services guides our clients through the process of leveraging current BI platforms whilst ensuring next generation technologies are smoothly incorporated into Information Strategies.

Business Solutions
Business Solutions

Zetta™ offers Business Solutions, enabled by Information Platforms to many of South Africa’s leading organisations to improve the key functions of

  • Finance   
  • Sales   
  • Marketing   
  • HR   
  • Operations

We have adopted a technology agnostic approach to ensure we truly understand the challenges and opportunities our clients face before matching the business ask with a technology answer. 

This approach ensures the brightest advisory minds and leading technologies are applied when solving a business issue.